Begin by Accessing the eLessons

1. Another way to access the eLessons is to click on the eLessons progress bar.

Select a Lesson from the eLessons Menu

After you select a lesson, the lesson topics page will be displayed.

Read topics from the selected lesson

Read the Examples at the end of a topic

Examples viewed from the eLessons are not graded or tracked.  

How to Use the Study Questions in the Interactive mode

Study Question Selection Menu

1. Click on an item in the topic column to display questions pertaining to that topic.  The number in the "T" column indicates the number of questions in that topic.  For example, there are 16 Study Questions in the New Tax Law and Recent Updates topic.

2. Your progress through each topic is tracked showing the incorrect, correct and total questions for each topic.

3. The progress column shows a graphic display of Study Question progress.

4. The % column displays the percent correct in each topic.  

5. To reset your scores, click on the check box in the Reset column, and click on the "Reset Your Scores" button at the bottom of the page.  You may reset your scores as many times as desired.

Final Exam Questions

Answering Final Exam Questions

Submit Final Exam for Grading

After you have answered the questions you may go back to a specific question to change the answer, or submit the answers for grading.

Final Exam Results